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This therapy is currently in clinical trials as documented in this announcement of an Adjunct Therapy for COVID-19.  As mentioned in this document, these trials are based on over a century of research.  This summer, this therapy was used to treat Covid-19 patients in 15 Italian hospitals with the following results: “As many as 100 COVID patients from these hospitals were treated with ozone and monitored. The results have been excellent. COVID positive people treated early are 100% cured. The seriously ill were rescued at a rate of 94%. Intubated and intensive care patients recovered at a rate of 84%.”

These are first-hand accounts documented in a book that has just been published.  The scientific evidence supporting these randomized clinical trials comes from decades of medical research papers published on the U.S. Government’s National Institutes of Health (NIH) website, and the progress of trials can be followed on the NIH National Library of Medicine’s site of ClinicalTrials.gov.

This treatment is called Major Autohemotherapy (MAH) using Ozone.  A Google search for “Ozone Therapy” on the NIH.gov website produces over 16,000 hits, firmly establishing its credibility.  Since many of these are highly technical papers, an overview on NIH such as “Ozone therapy: an overview of pharmacodynamics, current research, and clinical utility” would provide a foundational understanding of its applicability.


The doctors and the patients in the Italian hospitals who benefited from MAH want you to know about this treatment.  It is available as an outpatient procedure and there are doctors all over the world who are trained to perform it.  Please see below for more information.


Can COVID-19 Be Cured?

The first step is always to evaluate available research and determine whether potential cures or therapies for COVID-19 are genuine. There are a large number of scientific papers freely available on the National Institutes of Health website that validate many different ways which ozone can be used to treat a wide variety of illnesses. And since ozone has been used medically for over 150 years, it might seem odd that the FDA stands in such stark opposition to any medical use of ozone. To see why this might be so, it is suggested that you view a brief video on the history of medical ozone.

However, all of this is simply the foundation to understand what has happened this year using ozone to treat COVID-19 in Italy. Beyond what is related in scientific papers, this is recounted through the words of doctors who administered the therapy, and the patients who were cured of COVID-19 after treatment, in a book by Antonio Gaspari, and just published on Amazon.

ozone: a cure for life

This is the only book that exists that relates the phenomenal results of ozone used against COVID-19. As the Journal of Neurology and Neurocritical Care relates, randomized control studies are underway, and results on the effectiveness of ozone will be forthcoming, but in the meantime, many will not be able to wait for those results. Click the Book image to view on Amazon.

The safety of the ozone protocol used to treat COVID-19 has been proven, as it has been safely used world-wide for nearly 60 years, and practitioners of such ozone therapy exist throughout the United States and the world. You should not expect the medical community of the U.S. to be supportive of this effort, but federal law exists to support just such situations. In the U.S., The Right to Try Act allows those who face life-threatening illness to seek treatments which have completed an FDA-approved Phase 1 clinical trial; are in an active clinical trial; and are in ongoing active development or production. In principle, Gaspari’s book might serve as documentation of such a trial, and clinical trials are ongoing in Europe.

In any case, ozone therapy is available on an outpatient basis throughout the world, and resources to locate such treatment are given below. In the words of Dr. Frank Shallenberger, one of the best known doctors providing ozone therapy in the U.S., “I have found Major Autohemotherapy, in conjunction with a few ancillary treatments, to be 100% successful in the more serious cases of viral pneumonitis, with everyone asymptomatic within 48 hours. The point is that this virus just like all other viruses, and can be absolutely controlled with these measures. It can all be done out-patient…no hospitals needed…simple! And those who have survived COVID-19, yet continue to suffer from associated complications, might find accelerated healing from this therapy.” Dr. Shallenberger is one of the most innovative and progressive medical professionals providing/delivering/developing ozone therapy for over 30 years. He is the president of the American Academy of Ozonotherapy, and has written and published several books and scientific papers on ozone therapy.”

(Note: When reading some European, as well as medical articles on ozone therapy, it is not uncommon to see it referred to as “oxygen ozone” therapy. As you may know, ozone is a chemically aggressive form of oxygen, and is created by providing enough energy to create a molecule consisting of three atoms of oxygen (O3), rather than the more common oxygen molecule we breathe, which consists of only two atoms of oxygen (O2). When ozone is created from O2, no more than 5% of the oxygen is transformed into O3, so the gas exiting the ozone generator is a mixture of the two. The therapeutic value comes strictly from the ozone, and not the O2 at all, but since the gases are mixed together, perhaps this is the reason it is sometimes called “oxygen ozone” therapy. The therapeutic effect is due to the ozone alone, and O2 plays no significant part. Ozone therapy, and oxygen ozone therapy are exactly the same.)